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Used Computers

We are specializes brokers of quality scrap and used products such as laptops, computers, hard drives, and other computer accessories. We give strong emphasis on the quality of our used products and work with complete dedication. Our transparent approach and quality products have helped us to develop trusted connections with our suppliers and buyers. We concentrate on after sale services and regular updates from our buyers and suppliers to let them feel confident with our products and services. We stand behind everything we vend. Our success depends on your continous demands for our products and services.

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Used Laptops

We believe that reuse is better than recycle. Therefore, we always encourage to reuse the used product till the end date of its life. You can get a used computer in good condition almost at 25% of the original price of new computer. With European Scrap, you can even save more by selecting a lot of used computers or buying in bulk. We offer quality used laptops from European suppliers with international delivery at competitive rates. To facilitate businesses worldwide, we make our own investigations before the shipment is dispatched. Since the beginning, our team has launched several new concepts and services to develop transparent and reliable business connections with our buyers and suppliers. But innovation is only valuable when they can satisfy our customers' needs.

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Mobile Phones

Whether you are looking to expand your own stock of used mobiles or want to offer your customers cheap and reliable branded mobile phones from Europe, European Scrap is the best place to contact with for your next order. We can provide you with bulk quantitites of rufurbished mobile phones. We are dealing with suppliers of used mobile phones from all european countries. Used mobile phones provide full functionality at a good price. We are working hard on gathering used and no longer important mobile phones from trustworthy and reliable sellers. We are one of the well known brokers dealing with used products from the European GSM market.

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Mixed Electronic Items

Electronic Scrap from Europe provides a wide range of business opportunities to international recycling companies. All our scrap products are checked with full responsibility to offer the best experience of buying electronics scrap with European Scrap. Waste electronic devices and electrical equipment can be used to redesign and recyle new products in a modern look. Our electronic scrap normally comes with unwanted and broken computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines.

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Why Choose Us

The European Scrap is a trusted name in European scrap market and has established its identity as an international broker for buying and selling of used products and new stock lots from reliable and trusted traders from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain & other European countries.

Transparent Trade Cycle

We make sure that every sales deal takes place in a transparent way.

High Quality Products

Here at European Scrap, we buy and sell only quality used products.

Competitive Market Price

We aim to beat realistic market prices for selected products.

Positive Customer Reviews

Our customers give us positive reviews with an overall score 4.8 out of 5.

Fast and Safe Delivery

We work with reliable shipping companies for fast and secure delivery.

After Sale Customer Service

Our professional aftersale services help our clients to develop more trust on us.



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