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Electronic Stock Lots

Our electronics stock lots cover a wide range of products such as computers, phones, laptops and headsets. You can also buy and sell a more broader approach to the world of electronics with products like batteries, coffee machines and home appliances such as washing machines. All these electronics are offered by our recommended suppliers and stocklot traders originating from all parts of the Europe. We have been assisting the companies to buy and sell their surplus stock, obsolete, refurbished or customer returns they do not sell via their traditional channels. We select and provide the best stocks in the market and help you to get the best tranport quotes by reducing the transportation costs of the stock you purchase. This way we help our clients to increase their profit margins and to maintain long term business relations with European Scrap.

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Beauty and Fashion

Whether you are looking for cosmetics, ladies hand bags, sun glasses or other fashion products such as branded watches, you will almost find all of these from our trusted and reliable suppliers at European Scrap. These products are in high demand and we always make sure that our clients get only quality products with maximum validity dates. Finding the right mix in these products will make your deal the perfect deal. Sometimes it is all about price and less about brands. There is a market for lesser known brands in perfumes and stock lot traders may benefit from it. The market for beauty and fashion products such as perfumes is indeed a challenging one but in picking the right lot profits and margins may be higher than in other markets. Selling and buying stocks of beauty and fasshion stock lot depend much on the details you can offer as a selling party (and the ones you can obtain as a buying party).

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Garments and Clothes

Varying from men’s shirts to ladies panties and from children’s T-shirts to leather garments, with European Scrap you will always find the perfect stock lot in garments and clothing you are looking for. Sizes of these stock lots may vary depending on the available stocks. Some stock lots are reasonably small containing only a few pieces whereas others are really sizable going from hundreds to thousands of items. Regardless your style, either denim or classic, this category comes to you with a wide range of men and women clothing, ranging for instance from jeans, hoody jackets, sweaters, V-necked or round-necked T-shirts and polo shirts from all kinds of brands and sizes. Here at European Scrap we offer stock lots of various brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. Clothes for all seasons are also represented, such as sunhats, men’s shorts, boy’s swimwear and women’s summer short sleeves.

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Mixed Stock Lots

Stocklot traders in Europe offer the quality lots of mixed products that always attract attention of global buyers. It maybe because of the price, quality of product or international brands recognised worldwide. Here at European Scrap, we take care of these miscellaneous products that stock lot traders offer and that are not yet classified online on their websites. We think that these lots offer some very interesting products to be sold in the markets easily and with more profit margins. Many stocklot traders stick to a couple of markets they have a connection with and are not reachable by international buyers. One of our objectives is to enhance trading between different stock lot traders, another is to boost the sales of individual suppliers.

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Why Choose Us

The European Scrap is a trusted name in European scrap market and has established its identity as an international broker for buying and selling of used products and new stock lots from reliable and trusted traders from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain & other European countries.

Transparent Trade Cycle

We make sure that every sales deal takes place in a transparent way.

High Quality Products

Here at European Scrap, we buy and sell only quality used products.

Competitive Market Price

We aim to beat realistic market prices for selected products.

Positive Customer Reviews

Our customers give us positive reviews with an overall score 4.8 out of 5.

Fast and Safe Delivery

We work with reliable shipping companies for fast and secure delivery.

After Sale Customer Service

Our professional aftersale services help our clients to develop more trust on us.



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