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Steel Scrap

Here at European Scrap, our primary objective is to trade in ferrous steel scrap and secondary steel products within the European steel mills, foundries, secondary re‑processors and steel distributors. As a result of consistent quality and competitive pricing, we have successfully grown into a global brokerage service providers for scrap and steel materials, providing numerous grades of ferrous melting scrap to customers throughout Asia. Our products come from European scrap market and are checked for quality standards.

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Aluminium Scrap

In collaboration with our European scrap dealers, we offer a wide range of aluminum ingots, zinc ingots, waste copper wire, and other metals. We can also source the scrap companies that offer dismantle various offshore and onshore structures in an eco-friendly way. These include shipwrecks, (drilling) platforms, wind turbines, rail bridges, wind-turbine towers, sea containers, and other large structures. European Scrap is the best place to sell your aluminium at the best market price regardless of the quantity of your scrap.

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Plastic Scrap

We aim to simplify and streamline the buying and selling process within the plastics industry, offering suppliers and buyers better visibility by connecting them through our professional brokerage services. With our global reach in the plastics and its consumer industry we offer cost effective and quality plastic scrap from central and eastern Europe. European Scrap offers tools tailored to meet your objectives of buying and selling quality plastic scrap at competitive rates. We have an extensive selection of products in its market place, an easy to use interface and comprehensive search capabilities, which makes it the procurement solution for the buyer.

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Used Cloth and Garments

Are you a part of recycling industry in used clothing? If yes then European Scrap is your reliable partner in offering you grading, sorting and recycling used clothing from Europe. We are backed by years of experience in the global clothing recycling business, a team of experts that have been trained and groomed to be quality conscious team performers, and a management that understands the global supply chain and its logistics. The clothing business has become a massive contributor of all kinds of pollution. According to a recent study reported at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, clothing is responsible for 92 million tons of solid waste dumped in landfills each year. We do our best to make a significant attempt at recycling used clothing to avoid it landing in landfills and pollute our soil, air and water. There is a growing awareness and movement towards creating circularity i.e., encouraging recycling clothing to make it a more sustainable fashion industry.

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Why Choose Us

The European Scrap is a trusted name in European scrap market and has established its identity as an international broker for buying and selling of used products and new stock lots from reliable and trusted traders from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain & other European countries.

Transparent Trade Cycle

We make sure that every sales deal takes place in a transparent way.

High Quality Products

Here at European Scrap, we buy and sell only quality used products.

Competitive Market Price

We aim to beat realistic market prices for selected products.

Positive Customer Reviews

Our customers give us positive reviews with an overall score 4.8 out of 5.

Fast and Safe Delivery

We work with reliable shipping companies for fast and secure delivery.

After Sale Customer Service

Our professional aftersale services help our clients to develop more trust on us.



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